Cannot watch recorded videos


I am unable to watch any videos that were recorded on my Canary AIOs today. I got one video to play after sitting there spinning for almost 5 minutes, but after that, nothing. I am currently at work, and I cannot play them either on my work PC or on my iPhone. Are there issues with the Canary servers today?


Ugh! Even the watch live views on my AIOs are intolerably slow or non-operating today. What is going on?


Hi @RobbW - our team is investigating. Please keep an eye on for any updates.


You’re not alone. I’m unable to watch recorded videos, but I AM able to watch live videos.

Must be something weird going on. I’m currently on my home’s WIFI, so I don’t think it’s a connection issue on my end.


At this time Canary Systems are showing operational, @pegs and @RobbW, can you confirm if things are back up and working for you?



@Zev I can watch my previously-recorded video clips just fine now. Not sure what was causing the prior problem. There are two issues I’m having now, but I’m not sure if I should create a new thread for these or not. Here’s what’s going on:

  1. When I try to watch live video on my PC, I keep getting a loop of the first 5-10 seconds of video for a few loops before it finally goes to the actual live video.

  2. When I watch live video on my PC, it is always delayed 30 seconds behind the live video on my iPhone.