Can't change and save new notification sensitivity always reverts to old


I have two canary’s one was set at a sensitivity of 5 and the other set at 8. I found that 8 was to high so last week I tried to reset it from 8 to 5 however after saving and returning to check the setting it reverted to 8 again. I did this several times with the same result. So I dumped the app and reloaded it and then I could set both at 5. After a few days I was again receiving notifications that annoyed me so looked at the sensitivity and again the one I was trying to lower to 5 was back at 8 again. I have turned off all notifications now.

What do you make of this.

PS Also what is this error message mean when I try to change sensitivity? “OOPS! Ensure that there are no more than 3 digits in total”


Hey @kharris1945,

I too have had this issue and have brought it to Canary’s attention and they are working on a fix. I’ll be sure to update them that you are having this issue as well.

Thanks for the report!