Can't Connect via App or Desktop

Are you having network difficulties?

The app goes directly to “add a new address” and won’t let me log out. Doesn’t allow me to see my actual address. Eventually it tells me I’m unable to connect to server.

Desktop give me a screen with:

{{ ::errorCtrl.code }}

{{ ::errorCtrl.error.title }}

{{ ::errorCtrl.copy.report_error }}{{ ::errorCtrl.copy.back_home }}

Are you having some difficulties?

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Same issue here. As I stated in my other post either the app or the server has been going down hill over the past few months. I just updated to 4.5.0 today. This version is not starting off on the right foot.
With all due respect Canary. Lets get it together. I’m beginning to see the reason for 2 stars.

Hey @kajmaya and @AverageJoeMN,

I can confirm we are currently investigating reports from users who are having trouble accessing the Canary mobile and web applications. As we receive more information, we will be sure to update our Status Page.

Thanks for your patience as we work towards resolving this, and apologies for any frustration this has caused.


I can confirm this to be an issue on iOS 14 as well. Thanks for the update, @Sean

Just updated to 4.5.0 which came out yesterday (08/03/2020) and the app on the iPhone won’t stop spinning when launching. Is the server down? This app has been getting worse and worse over the past few months. I think they need a new developer. Contact me if you need help with your code.

Hey @kajmaya,

There is current a server issue. I am merging your topic with an existing post about this.

Been a member for a few years.

We had a power outage in Philly around 12:30pm for about 15 seconds. My four cameras will not reconnect to WiFi.

My WiFi is working fine. I unplugged the cameras and the router. Turned off/on WiFi. Turned off/on iPhone 10 with Canary app and laptop that use the canary web browser. I unplugged/replugged in the cameras. The iPhone canary app opens, but the web browser version for pc seems totally down.

When I tried to sync the cameras, the blue light just blinks, then they fail to connect. The Cameras are Currently useless. :grimacing:. I called for tech support. Explained all of the above. ‘John’ thinks I might be part of the subset that can’t connect. That doesn’t explain the web browser not working. I tried to connect to your site on two pc’s. The iPhone app allows me to view past video only.

The issue is on your server end.

Is there an ETA on this issue?

Ironic the service stops working at the exact moment it’s needed the most. :thinking:

Please resolve the issue. Thanks.

Edited to add additional info. I’ve been thru this before.

While no one has replied🤷🏼🤔, I can report the website and cameras are Now up and running. 3:40 pm.

Thanks invisible helpers! :roll_eyes::wink:

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Hey @Lestatkatt,

Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the frustration this caused today! Whenever we experience any issues like this, we leverage the Status Page I linked above to serve as a central hub for customers to get the most recent info and updates.

We did get confirmation that all issues should now be resolved. If anyone is continuing to experience issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know.