Can't Get Flex Cameras Reconnected After WiFi Password Reset


I had recently reset my wifi password. After doing so, I had to reestablish connection for my canary devices. My all-in-one was completely non-problematic. My two flex cameras are causing me a huge headache though. The phone I initially set these up with (LG V20) cannot even see these when trying to connect with Bluetooth. I have also tried using my Samsung Galaxy Tab3, which can see the cameras using Bluethooth, but this ultimately fails also. I spent 5 hours or so on a chat with support this past Sunday with no resolution. The suggestion has been that I try a 3rd device, which I don’t own one, to try and complete setup. I am having real trouble with the idea that I need to go buy another tablet in order to get these cameras set back up.

Both of the devices I tried to use for set up exceed the minimum requirements described in the documentation for the flex, as does my wifi and internet connection. Has anyone experienced anything like this and if so were you able to find a resolution. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!