Can't update device on wireless even first time


I paired the device but it failed update on xfinity hotspot connection (Without Password) . What are requirements for wireless



What was the problem that occurred? Have you tried connecting multiple times?

This should also help with any other questions!


Hi @siot2012,

In addition to what Zev mentioned, I just want to clarify, are you trying to connect to the generic “Xfinity Wi-Fi” connection available across the city? This type of connection will frequently have some kind of splash screen where you have to open a webpage and log in with your Xfinity credentials in order to access the internet. If that’s the case, your Canary will not be able to connect as it has no ability to clear past this screen. You should try connecting to your home Wi-Fi network broadcast from your own router with a network name and password.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!