CAT often triggers Person Detected notification. People often do not. When will this be fixed?


Usually, though not always, my CATS trigger a Person Detected notification. Meanwhile, people usually trigger a simple Motion Detected notification.

Would like to be able to just swipe away regular motion detection notifications but immediately investigate Person Detected ones to see if my house is being plundered. You may as well have left it the way it was as opposed to tagging cats as people.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

When will this be fixed?


I have a huge number of triggers because a palm tree is continuously being identified as a person. Is this still in beta?


Hey guys!

Sorry to hear your experience with Person Detection isn’t quite there for you yet. I too have a cat and have seen her sometimes get tagged as a person as well on my own devices. As much as she may believe she is a person, she isn’t… :wink:

What helped for me was to reduce my motion settings on each device a step at a time until it limited most of the notifications, however, the algorithms are still learning and may not be quite “perfect” yet.

For me I was most successful around a 2-3 with my cat.


I have reduced my sensitivity to 1 and my little 11" long black cat is still identified as a Person about twice an hour. I am about to shut off notifications entirely, which would essentially defeat the purpose of having a “smart” security camera. This is driving my wife an I nuts. I want to add outside security cameras, but I can’t use Canary Flex’s if this is what they are going to do.


Hey @Ron1,

Would you mind reaching out directly to the canary team with a couple of the videos that are causing issues? This might help them flesh out the issues that you are having in future updates.

To do this, Submit A Ticket directly to them with the videos attached or uploaded to something like DropBox so they can take a look and hopefully help find a long term fix.


I’m getting “Person Detected” 8-10 times a day with my motion settings set to 0 from my Flex mounted inside my boat house.
It appears to be something to do with the ripples in the water.

On edit, I had to remove the Canary app from my iPhone due to all of the dings I’m getting. It is very annoying especially when in meetings that I’m in several times a day.
I had 36 false motion and person detection’s in my boat house alone yesterday.


I’ve set my sensitivity to 0 and so far today I’ve received 32 person notifications for a bird feeder. Is there a way to turn off person notifications? It’s getting very annoying.


Maybe these Cats/Ducks/Birds were people in a previous life, and Canary is THAT advanced… :slight_smile:

…or perhaps they should have released Person Detection as a beta, with the ability to turn off.

Hard to say.


Haha! My cats think they are people too.

How will the Canary learn person vs not-a-person if there is no way for us to tell it “this is not a person”? Would be nice if we could tell it if it is tagging things correctly.

Edit: I probably used the word “tagging” incorrectly since that is a different feature… I mean “tagging” as a person or not.


I am experiencing the same thing. My dog, roomba, and car are all identified as people. It defeats the whole purpose of security notifications. I just don’t understand why canary would release this supposedly helpful and cool feature when it clearly doesn’t work.


Same. Just another feature that isn’t properly tested.


Hi all,

Thanks for all the feedback. We realize that sometimes our person detection algorithms don’t quite get things right and we are working to improve accuracy in different environments.

In some cases Masking can help filter out unwanted notifications on the Canary All-in-one (Flex coming soon!).

We also are working on additional features to help you customize your notification experience even further and will provide you the ability to share incorrectly classified videos with us to help improve our algorithms.



My Flex is in my shed. Whenever the wind blows or the light changes, it identifies the corner of the shed, a black line that is always in frame, as a person. It does identify real people correctly, but all these false positives make it unusable. It also seems that notifications are always sent when it thinks it’s detected a person, regardless what your motion notification setting is. I would suggest 2 features that would make it better:

  1. Person detection sensitivity. You should be able to crank up how “person-like” it is to trip the person detection, to filter out the false positives.
  2. Toggle person notifications. You should be able to disable person notifications, separate from the motion setting, since it’s clearly treated as a different type of event by the system.