Change Mode on Web App


With the new Web App one major feature seems to be missing for me.

If my cameras are set to private, there is no way to turn them on via the Web App. It is that feature that I am looking to add.

In some section of this page there should be a way to turn on the camera(s).



As the Web app is a exclusively available to members , I would expect feature parity across the mobile apps and the Web app.

Please implement change modes as an option as well as the ability to delete videos, download videos, adjust device settings available in the mobile app.


There are legitimate reasons why the web-app should have more functionality. Today, I forgot my cellphone in an away place. The only way it seems that I can change the mode of my Canary here at home is to unplug it to prevent it from recording myself. I can’t set the mode of my second canary from no-record to record mode at all.

And like others say - paying for a membership - I don’t think this is an unreasonable ask.