Change two-way talk button so you don't have to hold it down


I hate the fact that you must press and hold the talk button for it to work any chance in treating it like the siren button and hit it when you want to talk and hit again when you’re done?

Two-Way Audio?
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Yes, please. I’d like to tap the two-way talk button once to begin a two-way session on my AIOs. Let it stay in that mode until I tap the button again to turn it off. Also, I want the feature to use full-duplex audio mode where both parties on either end of the conversation can talk at the same time without being cut off.


Yes that is what I really would like as well as full two conversation so I can talk and also hear what the other person is saying at the same time.


I’m happy with the push-to-talk operation as it is; the sound ‘announces’ that you start and stop talking and in my experience helps communication rather than hinders. It also helps it because the lag in video (and as a consequence lag in speaking) isn’t much of an issue when you hear the sound.