Changed My Wifi password and Need to Reset


I changed my wifi password and I cannot figure out how to update my Canary. It’s offline so I cannot change the settings from the location management page. I also cannot set it up as a new device because it’s already connected to a location. The article about removing a canary from a location specifies that it is not a troubleshooting step but does not give details. I don’t want to remove it until I’m sure that I won’t lose access completely.


Hi @Keegan,

If you changed your Wi-Fi password or you want to connect your Canary to a new Wi-Fi network, you can do that using the “Change Connection” steps listed in this Help Center article:

How do I change Canary’s Wi-Fi connection?

Hope that helps!


This didn’t work for me. It only allows you to change from wifi to wired or vice-versa. I couldn’t actually change the wifi settings.


If you choose the option “Wi-Fi” and proceed to pair with your phone, it will let you pick your Wi-Fi network and re-enter the Wi-Fi password. Did you run into trouble when trying this?


I tried this and it didn’t work. It won’t let me modify the actual wifi
settings because the camera is already setup on the network.