Changing the order of Multiple Cameras, to view in live version


Is there a way to change the camera views or the order in which they appear in live version viewing without disconnecting, taking offline and re establishing connections? I am adding another camera and I’d like this newest camera to be in 1st position, not 3rd.

It would also be nice to be able to change the default 1st view in live version beyond just the set up. An example would be that when I’m away from home I care most to be able to view the outside entry area, but sometimes I would like to switch this to only a front patio or 2nd level overview.

cam 1) overview
cam 2) back pation

adding Cam 3) Should be in position 1 as default

Hoping there is a way to easily change this from within the app once cameras are set up.



Hi @shemediaconnect, it isn’t currently possible to reorder your devices in the Canary app, but thank you, that’s good feedback.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions!


Adding a +1 here of a feature that would be great to have.


What I had to do was remove my other Canary devices and add them in the order I wanted them to appear in the rotation. It was a royal pain as several of my devices are Canary Flexes (external) and I have to get on a ladder to re-pair them


+1 : It’s an easy thing to do. I would love to see this feature very soon.


I think this is a must. You’re forcing users to predict the flow of cameras when a simple software fix would allow greater flexibility.



This has been a real gripe for me since installing our 7 Canary cameras not realising that they would show up in the order they were activated on the account. This is a necessity and would be very easy to implement.



Also need a way to filter events in the Timeline by camera. E.g. I don’t want to see hundreds of events from cameras inside the house while I’m there, but I want to see everything that happened on backyard or front door by viewing the events from corresponding Canary Flex devices.


This is a feature that would be very easily implemented by Canary and improve the usability of the viewing software!


This sounds like a great idea and something that I can definitely see Canary looking into in the future. If this was made available are there any specific ways you’d all want to see this handled?