Compatible door sensors for Canary?


I want to purchase a Canary system today, but I need to know that it will work with at least one door sensor. I currently have a Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW120 Door Sensor that I purchased to work with the Piper system. (DO NOT buy the Piper!!!) Will the Aeotec work with Canary? If not, are there any available sensors that are compatible with Canary?

Thanks everyone!


You’ll have to wait for a definite response form the Canary team, but I don’t think any door sensors are directly compatible with Canary. Canary does integrate with Wink, so if the sensors work with Wink they likely could be tied to Canary through that service. But if you’re looking for a sensor to trigger recording with Canary, I don’t believe that this functionality exists.


Hi @chasecates,

@Zev’s answer above is correct. We don’t directly integrate with any door sensors, but integrate with many smart home products via Wink. However, at this time there’s not a way to have the Canary trigger recording based on a door sensor if that’s what you were looking for.

Would you mind elaborating on what functionality you’re wanting when integrating with a door sensor? We’d love to hear more detail on what you’re wanting to do with the door sensors so we can keep that in mind when deciding any future integrations or functionality :slight_smile:

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