Configurable Away Mode


As of today, Away mode is not configurable. Let me provide a use-case. I have secondary canary device sitting in monitoring outdoor. All I want it do is surveillance outdoor for both when I am home and away, but not notify me as outdoor is expected to have more than usual activities. Can we have configurability to turn on/off notification for away mode which can help such use-case. Hope this feature fits in your product vision and roadmap.


Awesome glad to see others with the same thoughts! This was previously suggested [here] ([Suggestion] Notification Limits) as well!


Agreed. I would like my interior cameras to notify on movement in Away Mode but not my exterior cameras. I want them to record with no notification but I want other cameras to notify.


Great topic. I’ll be sitting up a second Canary “Flex” outside on my patio this weekend that I can see my patio and boathouse about 30 yards away.
Soon, I’ll be setting up a third at my front door and front patio, especially when the speaker system is activated.
I was already wondering how this would affect the number of notifications that I will be getting as the neighbors dog likes to use my front & back yard as a thoroughfare.


Any love to this request? Sounds pretty reasonable ask to me. Please share what Canary think about this request and how do they plan to address it?