Connecting to wireless network that does not broadcast SSID


I just bought a 2-pack of Canary AIOs. Amazon notified me they have been delivered today. I’m looking forward to getting home and setting them up. I started reading through the PDF set up guide to be prepared. I notice the instructions state that in order for Canary to connect to your network, your wireless router has to broadcast its SSID. Is the correct? Is this really required? I do not broadcast my SSID for security purposes, and I would prefer to not have to broadcast it in order to run my new Canary security system. Can someone verify if there is a way to run Canary without broadcasting my SSID? Thanks!


Hey @RobbW,

Sorry for any confusion! That user guide is a bit out of date. You should be able to install just fine on a hidden network.

I’ll make sure to let our team know we need to get that updated.


Thank you for the response, Angie. Yes, I figured it out once I got home and started setting up my new AIOs. After telling the setup that you wish to connect to a wireless network, at the bottom of the list of available wifi networks, all I had to do was tap “Manually Add Network”, and all was good!