Custom Sort Feature Request


While going through my timeline today I realized that I have enough entries that I would love additional sort options. This has previously been mentioned and again in this post but I’d like to detail a few specifics I would like to see:

  1. Ability to filter events by Camera (if I have 4 cameras named Front Door, Back Door, Basement, and Living Room, then I would like to filter by each device).
  2. Ability to filter events by type of alert (Home, Away, Night and Person, Motion)’
  3. Ability to sort by tags (and untagged)
  4. Ability to sort by previously downloaded videos (and videos that have been requested for download but not downloaded)
  5. Ability to sort by “Watched” and “Unseen” videos.
  6. Ability to sort by person (this might be tricky, but essentially sort by when a given household member is home)
  7. Ability to sort/see alerts only (online/offline/home/away)
  8. Ability to sort in sub-categories and sub-sub-categories (I.E. I want “Front Door” with “Away Mode” and only “Person Notifications” on “Friday October 5”)

Would love to see this implemented, I know some of these are already logged however others might take extra backend leg work, so even a partial sort would be a great addition!


Its funny because I was actually just thinking it would be nice to have some additional sorting and filtering. For me personally 1, 2, and 5 would be the most beneficial.