Data usage


I have had my Canary AIO for a little over a week now and love it. While traveling recently I would look at what was triggering motion ( auto timer setting off living room lights) and would occasionally watch live (just because I could!).

During the trip I got notice from Verizon that we reached 90% of our data limit. I’m not blaming Canary on this as I use GPS and other things while traveling and I was only a day or two from the end of the cycle. But it did get me to think about how much data usage may be caused by watching live or reviewing video from the timeline.

Does any one know roughly how much data is used per minute of viewing when not on WiFi?



Hey @BobD, sorry to hear you ran into overages. If you’re watching over a cellular connection, you can expect data usage to be around 4 megabytes (MB) per minute . This is the kind of info we should add to our online documentation.

Let me know if I can clarify further.


Thanks for the information. 4MB per minute is not bad at all.


Hey @BobD, to add onto what @Pete said, if you’re concerned with data usage and have an iPhone, if you go to Settings>Cellular and then scroll down a bit, you can find out exactly how much data has been used by Canary (and your other apps).

If you then scroll all the way to the bottom and hit “Reset Statistics” you can get a clear starting point to count from for future usage.


Pete , where the data usage assumptions come from?
My Canary Flex only records about 5 timeseach less than 1 min activities. I do not use the Live watch, I have to limit to see the recording on my Smart phone, but it spends about 150MB, ( I checked with Verizon, there no other hacking incident to my WiFi device, it only connected to Canary,)

It is too much of data usage I cannot afford, I may need to give it up .Not efficient.


@Euka Just to clarify:

  • Are you referring to data used on your home network or on your smartphone?
  • Does your Canary Flex record five times over the course of a single day?
  • In what time frame does it consume 150MB?
  • Can you tell me how you verified that it was Canary Flex that used this much data?

Video is uploaded to the Canary Cloud in two second chunks, each of which are around 130KB. It can be a little more or a little less, depending on the amount of motion captured.

If your Canary Flex is only recording ~5 minutes total a day, I think it’s unlikely it’s chewing through 150MB, but let me know the answers to the above questions and we’d be happy to get to the bottom of this.


I have my canary running off of one of Verizon’s jetpacks. Is this consuming data even when I’m not watching it or when motion is detected?


When you are not actively streaming live video, your Canary will use an extremely small amount of data unless it detects motion. When it detects motion, it will start using data in order to upload recorded video to our servers. You can minimize data usage by placing your Canary in an area where it won’t pick up a lot of background motion from lights or shadows, and making sure it’s set to private when you’re home. Hope that helps!


We have been informed by our internet provider that data is limited to 10GB so assuming I have a canary all in one linked to the wi fi signal at home and I am out and about with my iphone … on average how much data will it use up assuming I am only checking activations and not going live ???


@Pete, a suggestion here would be to force the video resolution for the quality of downloaded backups at Canary. I know the devices are 1080P but if the customer wants 480P, why not allow it? Perhaps this could be a cost level tier. When you quantify the bandwidth and space for downgrading this type of change, I can’t image it is a negative impact for Canary.