Device name in notification message (Android)


I possess two canary devices. Currently on my android device, when activity is detected, notification message reads as “activity detected at home”. Could you please add device name in notification message to help understand which of the canary device picked up activity? For example, “Activity detected in your garage”. Hope this is minor and fits well in your roadmap.


I like this suggestion


Great idea! Would be very useful :slight_smile:


Well I realized this feature already exists in iOS, please include in android version.


I just bought my first Canary last week and ordered my 2nd (Flex) last night. This is an EXCELLENT suggestion that will be quite useful! Also, I’d LOVE to see email and/or text notifications too, which can easily be cascaded via email rule sets. I hope this feedback helps. So far, we LOVE the new device!!!


Glad to hear you’re enjoying your devices, @amurrell!

I think email and/or text notifications is a compelling feature request worthy of its own post. If you have a moment, could you create a new post for those features specifically? It’ll help our Product team gauge the community’s interest in those requests.


Hello Pete, since I’m not a paying, “Membership” member, I’m under the
impression that I cannot post/originate messages. I’m under the impression
that I’m limited to responding to posts (yes/no)?


@amurrell Nope! This community forum is not restricted by Membership. Anyone who has questions or needs help is welcome to post. The only area that restricts posting to Canary team members is Announcements.

Let me know if I can clarify anything else!


@theeven Thanks for calling that out. This will be addressed.


@Pete thanks, looking forward to it.


Any ETA on this one? Sounds quite minor change to me, is it something blocking this feature?


Hi @theeven,

This should be in our next Android app release in a few weeks.



@DaveF thanks for confirming. looking forward to it.


Thanks guys for incorporating this feature request, I am glad to see device names on notifications. Feel free to close this. :slight_smile:

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