Do not change my config!


Ok so im starting this feature request based on a previous experience with a change that you ( Canary ) made. You recently made an assumption (not sure what this was based on) that all users wanted their devices to not record while users were at home. You made this change a default setting im guessing across your entire platform for every user. Needles to say i was less than impressed with this and the way that this was communicated !

The change you made meant that one of my cameras that I specifically want to record at all times suddenly stopped recording ! This personally caused alarm for me as I have a very good reason for having this camera on at all times.

Anyway I dont believe you should be making global changes across your platform like this, once users have their setup, they configure accordingly and this should not be changed. If you have a feature you wish to showcase or re-iterate to users than this should be communicated, sadly these days email is no longer an acceptable method of communication for such correspondence as the barrage of spam and everything else that comes through means these will more than likely be ignored !!!

So what im suggesting here is that you use your notification platform to send these types of informative messagess direct to users devices, not only will this raise a notification on the phones but im guessing your engagement from end users will increase due to the very nature of the product ( HOME SECURITY ) I for one jump when I get a notification from canary, not only do i jump but i pay attention, im not saying flood us with sales /marketing info. But any important changes you feel your going to make could be communicated this way, and also potentially give us an option to opt out of the change rather than just applying it and potentially causing chaos to thousands.

Hope this helps in someway shape or form.


I, too, am upset about the change. I have three outdoor devices that stopped recording in night mode. I will try to get sorted out, but did not want a change and was not notified until it was a done deal. Not happy at all about the change and think we should have had an option to not accept it. All we had was an “after the fact” informational email. Not acceptable.


Indeed this was not good, but if Canary listen to these hopefully this can be raised and addressed after all we buy these devices because we are extremely security concious. There for co figuration of these devices should be of the upmost importance to each individual. The reason given “most users wanted privacy” is not a fit all situation. We all have individual requirements and these should be respected , this is not a social media app, this is a security platform !!! I just hope they are not getting into this world of “our users will love this, let’s turn it on” NO Canary , do what you do best, security and stick to those prinicples in every way and remember we are not a collective , we are individuals with INDIVIDUAL needs.


I’m a little confused about this. I didn’t see any changes pointing out at me but did notice that my “send notifications” was turned off for my flex. Could you elaborate some so I can investigate a bit?


They changed a setting so that if your at home all of your devices stop recording , this is a setting that’s been available for a long time but they changed the setting and promoted it as a new feature, however for example o have a camera over looking my car which I want active all the time, so for me this was a nuisance


I am also upset canary made such a major change without warning. We should have been sent emails days before making the change and a push notification saying the change is starting the next day. These things are possible.

It almost seems someone was running out of data storage and needed to stop uploads ASAP…


Exactly my thought l, must be a big storage saving for them, maybe this was the underlying reason


I posted this issue 2 days ago. Not a single response from the Canary team. A silence tells a thousand words :wink:


I emailed a complaint direct to them and got a response stating it was what the majority of people wanted, not sure how they come to that conclusion.


I don’t believe this was a “feature” that all users wanted. This “feature” was already available. Bad decision on Canary’s part. I liked my Canary when I first installed it. Now its riddled with time lapses in the video stream, and video clip download issues. Add to that, I feel I’ve lost trust in the company. I hate to say it, but I’ll hesitate before purchasing another Canary product. There are many other options on the market.