Do you use Canary with Wink and IFTTT, and how?


Do you guys use any home automation platforms? If so, any cool tricks with Canary?

While Canary doesn’t integrate directly with IFTTT, IFTTT can connect to Wink, with which Canary does integrate. A couple helpful resources:

  1. We’ve dedicated a blog post to Wink.

  2. Wink has instructions for connecting Canary to their service.

  3. Wink has a blog post on connecting their service to IFTTT.

We have a few recipes for using Canary with Alexa here:

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Privacy Mode auto off timer

I would use it with IFTTT if it was available?


@zev You can actually use IFTTT if you connect it through Wink. Wink has a blog post on connecting the two.

I’ll amend the parent post to include more information.


I use automation through IFTTT to trigger the modes through smartthings.
I am loving home automation and I would suggest that Canary both integrate directly with IFTTT and smartthings, not just for changing modes, but other cool things such as, turn off IR and Trigger Siren,


Wink work even with “Flex” or only “Canary” indoor?
I would like to use Flex to work with Scout Alarm through IFTTT.


I currently use it with Wink, to have more detailed control over the scheduling of Night Mode. The canary is very limited in regards to scheduling night mode as it only has one schedule. Through Wink I can setup multiple schedules for Night mode (Ex. one for Weekday and another one for the Weekend). It would also be great, as it has been mentioned before if a deeper integration with Wink was developed so that I can use the Canarys built in Motion sensor to trigger robots to be executed through the Wink App. A direct integration with Stringify would also be very useful since it has more capabilities than IFTT.


This same actions can be done through Wink in connection with Alexa by creating an appropriate shortcut for each mode and saying Alexa turn on Disarm Canary, Alexa Turn On Privacy Mode, Alexa Turn On Arm Canary. Where the short cut in Wink is named (Disarm Canary,Privacy Mode,Arm Canary).


I use Wink with my Canary. The geo location on Wink is really, really bad so I use Canary location to trigger devices on my Wink hub, and other devices via IFTTT. IMO the Canary does Geo Location the best out of all the smart home devices I have.


I also wish Wink and Canary would open up more options on Wink like video ,motion detection, and home health information as well. That would be very, very useful to me. Also would like Wink to add Canary Flex.


Today Wink is unfortunately only available in the US. Amazon’s Alexa “skills” platform is now also available outside the US in the UK and Germany. I would personally love it when Canary would offer an Alexa skill or IFTTT integration through which I can access the “save” data monitoring from my Canary device, like temperature and air-quality information. This way Canary could actually offer some “Nest - like” experiences as to have information available on air quality or integrate with other services, like Twitter etc or home/away status.
That being said, I would not want Alexa to be able to turn off the security features of Canary as she takes commands from anyone saying her name out loud.


@Schpeen @Macluk The Canary Flex can be used with the Wink app. Just connect it using the same steps as you would the original Canary. It may be a little confusing since it will show the Canary All-in-One, but it will behave correctly. Hope that helps!


Yeah…I seen that. Just wish the motion detection, and camera feed worked as well…that would be really useful.


I have Wink, but I never hooked Canary to it because it seemed useless if my geo location was already turning it on and off. I didn’t think adding it via Wink to Alexa would add any benefit. I am open to hearing some useful reasons.


Exactly. This exact point was made in the comments of the blog post referenced above over a year ago. Things are not moving forwards too fast unfortunately. I’m worried that the Canary team have no bandwidth to make any but the most basic improvements (e.g. add a custom sound), and with the announcement of the Canary Plus last year what little resources are available are going into the (already 6 months late) Apple-mandated hardware upgrades instead of improving the user experience. I hope someone from Canary wants to reassure me that isn’t the case - I have no interest in HomeKit. Come on Canary, release the API and let your customers build the integrations for you.


I would love integration of the sensors, siren, camera feed, and motion detection to come into Wink and IFTTT (MUCH more than just “arm” and “disarm”).

Your competitors all offer this (Arlo, Nest, Ring).

After talking to Wink and IFTTT customer supports, they have said they’d love to and are waiting on you guys.

I know you’re busy–but…

Help a guy out?


Release the API!!

I agree 100%

Or at least let us play with more sensors!


I’d love a direct integration of IFTTT (and homekit, different subject :slight_smile:). The current Wink integration feels counterintuitive, because it’s an extra link. It’s daisy-chaining automation: canary tells wink that I am away, wink tells IFTTT which in turn tells my evohome to lower the thermostat. The wink step in this seems like a redundant chain, an extra dependency.


I’ve been using Wink robots to turn on smart lights in different areas of my property when motion is detected on one of my Ring doorbells. I would love to have this same feature when the Canary Flex detects motion.

On that note, the entire reason I found this community is because I have been searching for a way to remotely trigger the Canary to record video. My driveway is pretty much a straight shot rectangle. I want to create a perimeter around the driveway using a photo sensor kit and Z-wave relays. I’ll install my own Z-wave relays into the photo sensors (example linked) and then pair them with Wink in order to have each one recognized, but I would like for a Wink robot to then trigger an action to make Canary Flex capture 30 seconds of recording (unless it detects motion using Canary’s native sensors.) Thanks to other threads in the community, I’m also going to use an IR illuminator to get better performance during the overnight hours. With an extensive background in product design and engineering, I will create a solution if I have to. However, I would much rather pay Canary to provide me with a device that will enable me to put my driveway on lockdown!

It seems like all of the Canary modes (home, away, private) have been designed to show minimal alerts when the owner is home. I actually want the exact opposite. If I’m home and asleep, I want notifications to wake me up so that I can check on my vehicle. If I’m away from the house, there’s not much I’ll be able to do to directly intervene other than call the police and hope that they show up before the robbers are gone.


I don’t like how my Canary links with a Wink 2 Hub. Any experiences if SmartThings is better? I’d gladly make the switch if so.


I don’t think there is any ability for it to work with SmartThings, unless someone made device handler. But that gets super messy.