Does iPad change geofencing?


Does having the app on a phone and an iPad change when my Canary all in one Home thinks I’m away? The away function for turning on or off depending on it determining when I’m gonr does not seem to function correctly. Is this because I have it set up on my iPad that is left at home more times than not?

Canary Home (all in one) always says "You are not at Home"
Auto mode switching not working

Hi Bob,

This could cause issues however, starting with version 2.0.2 of the iOS app, on iPad geofencing is turned off by default for just this reason. This setting can be found by going to My Profile settings and then selecting Password and security. You will find a Geofence toggle which should be turned off.

If you are still having issues there a few other things that you can try to troubleshoot. This help article has steps to ensure your phone settings are configured properly. If you are still having issues I recommend calling support to help you out.



… but I am home! My android phone and I are home but that app always says we are not.

I have the app set up on iPads and my android phone but it says I am not home.

I’m struggling with the Mode settings. My goal is to have the setting of “private” when I am home, except for when the night mode should kick in. During night mode I expect it to record if there is any movement. Similarly I expect it to record if there is any movement when I leave the house. So far I don’t seem to get the mode setting correct.

Currently I have Home setting as private. Away setting as “Auto-mode switching”, and Night mode to start at 11:45PM to 5AM - record video. I’m not sure if it is confused because my iPad stays home when I leave with my phone, but that doesn’t explain why my phone says I am not home when I am.

Should the setting I have meet my objectives?



Hey Bob - replied to your other post here.


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Yes @BobD, your settings should meet your objectives. It sounds like there is an issue with your android phone. I would start by making sure the Canary app has permission to location services. You should also make sure your geofence is positioned properly at your location by going into Settings and then Address and confirming the geofence pin is properly located on the map for your home address.

I suggest giving our support team a call to help you troubleshoot.



Thanks. It looks like it is not reading my address correctly. I will call support to find a solution.


Hey @BobD, when you contact support, please feel free to provide a link to this thread to give the agent some extra context.


Thank you. Traveling at the moment but will reach out upon my return.


Hi! I just wanted to respond to this thread regarding the issues I was having. I returned from my trip and everything is working perfectly! Just as I would expect the product to work. I don’t need to call for support.

Now Canary AIO knows when I am home and away. The icon on the main page shows a little house next to my initials showing I am home. Canary then goes in to private mode, so no light shows and it isn’t recording all the movement in the house. I added my wife to this and it shows both of us either home or away and Canary will only start in the Away mode when both of us are away. Just as I was hoping for.

The only real nit at this point is that Canary has our next door neighbors address and not ours. I can’t seem to change that, but for all practical purposes this doesn’t stop the product from delivering what I expected.




Glad to hear auto mode switching is working again @BobD!

It might seem a little weird, but not to worry, there’s no functional difference having your neighbor’s address in your settings instead of yours.

We actually rely on Apple’s and Google’s maps data (depending on the type of phone you use), so your address reflects their respective data sets, which aren’t always 100% accurate. If you feel inclined, I’d recommend making this correction in either Apple Maps or Google Maps. You can find the respective documentation here: