Easier camera switching on Web App


When viewing my cameras online in a browser using the Web App, I have to select one camera from the main desktop homepage. While watching that camera live, I would like an easier method for switching to watching my other camera live. Currently, while you’re watching a live camera in the Web App, if you want to switch to a different camera, it is a 3-click process. First, you have to click the “X” in the upper-left corner to close out of the current camera’s live view. Second, you have to then click on the camera you want to watch from the homepage. Third, you have to click the “Watch Live” button.

When watching a live camera in my iPhone app, all I have to do is swipe my screen right or left to switch to the next live camera. One simple step and done!

In the Web App, maybe you could just have an icon for each available camera along the top of the menu so all someone has to do is click on one of those icons to go directly and immediately into the live view of that camera.