Easier way to download videos?


Is there any easier way to download videos? This is the only method that I know of:

Open up the app on the phone
Open up the video you want to download
Click on the three dots in the top right corner
Click on download the video
Wait for it to process it to allow you to download it
Then you have the option to save the video on your phone

If I need to download a couple of dozen videos from a day, it would be much nicer if there was a way to mass download these videos from the web app directly to my computer instead of going through so many steps.


As explained in the FAQs, the method you have described is the best way to download videos from your Canary Timeline.

I saw that you also opened a request thread for another way to do this, and that’s great! Thank you for the feedback!


Thank you @Zev

I will wait to see if there is a response on the request thread.


My video has been stuck preparing for half a day now. How can I get it to either finish or stop so I can restart it. There is obviously something wrong.


Hey @Dino24t,

A couple things you can give a try:

  1. Log out of Canary, restart your device, log back in and see if that fixes your issue
  2. Ensure that you are running the latest Canary App for your device.
  3. Try and download it again after those steps, if that still does not work, I would suggest that you Submit A Ticket to Canary.