Echo show compatibility


On Tuesday Amazon introduced the new Echo Show.
One of it awesome feature is the possibility to view live stream from ARLO and RING cameras.
I think CANARY cannot be missed from the list of compatible cameras! I know that Canary is actually compatible with Alexa throught WINK but only for change mode…so…cmon guys!:muscle:


I would definitely expand this to be for both the Echo Show but also for items like HomeKit. We know a HomeKit compatible device is coming in the future, so hopefully it will have the ability to work with other products like the Show as well.


Please do this! As someone with two “Echo Show” coming, it was one of the main reasons I bought the “Show.” Your product hardware is far and away the best, now GET PROGRAMMING STAFF!

You simply must do this to remain competitive. I’m trying to tell myself I made the right choice, but the full year with no 2-way communication (since feature request) really worries me. I have faith in y’all. Dump a tenth of your marketing into programming and let me be vocal to my friends (and your social media) about how happy I am with your product.

Love you guys! Great product! Now program features for it.


Hey staff do you know that yesterday Amazon introducing a Smart Home Skill API that will allow developers to integrate live video feeds from their smart home cameras with the device?


Make the Canary compatible with Amazon Show. No excuses or false promises.


Definitely agree. I was going to buy a bunch more flexs to cover my house but if it won’t work with my echo and my relay to view live stream, it’s really not as advanced as competitors like arlo and ring. I have a ring doorbell so I could just buy a bunch of stick up cams. Canary you really need to give this compatibility to be competitive. This is crucial. Really happy with the product so far but these limitations make me question if the company will be sustainable and if this hardware will be junk in a few years.


We need this folks!!! I really don’t want to get another camera for the outside if I have to use different apps to pull up my cameras. One app (Canary) or view on Alexa Show etc. Ring is moving compatibility along to everything under the sun why can’t we make this happen?


Yes Please, I love all my canary devices. I also own a ring doorbell and its nice just asking my Echo Show to “Show Me My Front Door” It would be amazing to add a Alexa skill that allows this integration. We absolutely Need this, Its a major feature that is missing on such a premium product and service, that i’m very surprised its not there. I feel like if echo integration is not on the to do list soon i might not continue the membership and just invest in a bunch of stick up cams instead when my year is up. I really hope amazon doesn’t just show up with a camera of their own with a discounted membership for prime customers, that would be catastrophic. I really enjoy my canary devices and have a lot of faith that something as basic as this feature should be right around the corner. There is still time, BUT i’m not ignorant enough to wait forever.


I think some of the comments are a little extreme but I would like to add my 4 canary vote to this one. Amazon show will be popular with the more forward looking tech’s who also probably buy Canary.

Arlo is looking like the product to have bought right now with its Smart things and now Alexa integration with Canary in a more walled garden. It would be great to have this feature in by the November launch date in the UK

Any chance?



I’ve had the Echo for awhile. Just recently got the Echo Show. I agree camera viewing would be great from the Echo Show. Manufacturers are starting to do that. Canary is capable. This is not a hardware limitation.

Also using Wink to gain Canary and Echo compatibility. Completely stupid. Canary needs to create an Amazon skill. This can easily be done now that you’ve given us web access and then focus on building in camera viewing for those with an Echo Show.

The Amazon Echo is the main smart home hub/speaker on the market right now. I’m surprised a Canary skill on Alexa isn’t already available. Now the Show available. A lot being missed that Canary could advertise.

Great Job! On the two way audio although! I knew that was doable and not limited by its hardware.


I’ve used Netatmo Welcome, Belkin Cameras when I first got the switches. Then I got Canary! I do pay for the service as well. Overall. I do feel this is the better device. I had Netatmo Weather Station and Welcome set up. Too much. The Canary does give me reliable humidity and air quality monitoring etc.

But elaborating on the previous post. Create a Echo skill for Canary so everyone can tap in using Amazon Echo with easy. IFTT and Wink. Pain. I do use IFTT but only for certain Thermostat function. My thermostat has a Echo skill as well.

This shouldn’t be hard now that you got the cameras online. The hard part will be creating the pipe line to make the camera show on Alexa’s new Echo Show. Although you can do that in time. The skill is a must first.

So far you guys have done a great job. And I knew your devices were capable of Two Way Audio before some of your reps did. You figured it out. HomeKit is a no no. They require a special chip. That’s okay because the winner is Amazon. Focus on the Echo/Alexa.


Really surprised that this hasn’t been 1) addressed by a mod or Canary directly, and more importantly 2) implemented as an Alexa skill.

I had my Canary sitting in a closet collecting dust because I decided to not buy any more devices until they addressed some of the compatibility concerns. Just recently picked up an echo show and was having a lot of fun with the Ring skill. I thought to myself, “by now Canary MUST have added a skill so that I can use it with my echo show just like my Ring”. NOPE Looks like my all-in-one is going back in the closet :frowning:


Hey all,

Sorry for the delayed response here - I did provide an update on Alexa integration here. It’s coming :wink:



Yesssssss!!! Canary had a rough few months last year but the new Person feature, faster loading times and now this show that the team have found there mojo again. Faith renewed!!!

Smartthings next please!

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