Echo Show not working with AIO


My Canary All In One, freshly purchased 3 days ago, was working fine on my Echo Show - until today. I was viewing the Live Feed and then POOF - stopped working. And my mobile app no longer shows live video - it just spins and spins. The Web App / portal works fine and I can see Live video on the browser. I have uninstalled both my Android App + uninstalled the Alexa Skill. No Live Video. My Canary is not set to Private mode, I have even unplugged my Canary hardware to power cycle. No joy - and it just started after watching the live feed on the Echo Show. Canary Web Status Page shows all is Operational. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Echo show compatibility

Hey @EditDroid, I have moved this to a fresh new topic so it doesn’t get lost.

Are you still having this issue? If so, you wrote that you have power cycled the canary devices and reset those apps on your android devices, have you tried doing the same with the Echo Show? (Specifically power cycling and clearing any cache files)



Hi Zev,

It must have been a temporary outage on Canary’s end - I couldn’t see video on either my phone OR Echo Show but I could see video online at Canary’s website - it lasted about 45 minutes then everything came back online and working OK now.

Thanks for the followup.





Great! Glad to hear that it is working now.