Error Playing Video


I keep getting an error playing video error message asking me to try again later. These are when I’m trying to view video on my iPhone. I try again later, yet still get the error message. I’ve tried to download the video, but it doesn’t download anything at all. These are motion activated recordings (I have builders in my house at the moment and the notifications are from rooms they don’t really need to be in!) so it’s hugely frustrating to see them ‘at the door’ of the room on the still frame of the video, but not being able to see if they go into the room or what they’re doing.


Surrey, do you have multiple devices on your location. We are investigating a problem we are seeing with multiple devices on a location and sometimes when no motion is recorded on one Canary it still shows that there is a video there but will not play. This is because there was actually no motion and no video recorded.

I can take a closer look if you send me an e-mail with your account e-mail address, and the date/time of one of the recordings that will not play.