Exit "watch live" mode


We use “watch live” a LOT to monitor a senior in our house. I almost always turn my phone in landscape mode to get a bigger image. However, when in the landscape mode the little “x” in the upper left that you use to exit “watch live” mode is not displayed. I have to constantly turn my phone back up and down in order to exit. This may sound trivial but whenever I am sitting, say, working on my PC I have my phone on the table beside me and periodically bring up “watch live”. I do it very frequently and so have to repeatedly turn my phone from one direction to another. It should be very simple to present the “x” on the landscape mode “watch live” image. I know that the main app only runs in portrait and so if you had the “x” on the landscape mode, the next screen will switch over to portrait but I can easily tap “watch live” with the phone in landscape mode. Please fix this.

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