External Siren - Flex Siren ;)


I think it would be a great idea if Canary released a stand alone external siren that is activated by the “sound siren” button.

This would be a great addition to the Canary range and would fill a very big market gap with smart home security. The siren on the Canary AIO is great, but here in the UK where are houses are made of thick brick walls and we have very efficient double / triple glazed windows, and thick UPVC or wood doors, the amount of sound that gets to the outside of a property is minimal, if any at all. So the AIO siren although a perfect product feature that i love, is somewhat diminished by the sturdy structure of our houses. For the intruder the AIO siren will potentially scare them off / give them a headache, however it will not attract much if any attention from outside, an external high mounted wall siren will … This is something that I’m sure intruders fear more than anything and will acts as a significant deterrent from the outset when a potential intruder even investigates a property Add to this an alarm they simply cannot silence if they were to attempt a break-in due to it being mounted high up on an exterior wall where they cannot access it.

Having a weatherproof external siren that mounts to an exterior wall and can be remotely activated with the app would put canary way ahead of the game here. Most “connected” dedicated alarm systems are a load of rubbish (i have tried several), they are reduced to simple gimmicks due to poor connection consistency, constant hub disconnects and non DMZ blocking, untrained support etc, etc, the list is endless. Having a truly cloud based option to view and sound an external alarm would be a game changer!

I know Arlo / Arlo Pro as far as i am aware currently only has an internal alarm built into the hub unit
Nest as far as i am aware doesn’t even have an alarm
Canary - You have an alarm in the AIO, you don’t use a hub… The market is wide open for you here to add this new device to your range and really become a market leader :wink:


100% agree with this. Competition getting ahead on this.