Face detection notifications


Would it be possible to implement a face detection algorithm as part of the motion detection?

Face detection algorithms are commodity these days and are very reliable. Most can recognise the same face.

Having Canary able to notify only when it detected a person (as an option) would be a great way of refining notifications and reducing false positives.

If it was deemed computationally expensive it could just be run as a second pass filter on detected motion video.

If you were feeling more advanced you could even enable the tagging of people to be able to not notify on recognised faces, e.g. the cleaner.


I think this may fall into the category of ability to limit and expand motion zones and other such features. My understanding from these topics are that there aren’t any features at the moment for it or planned with a release date, but it is something Canary has been looking into for a while.


Yes, these are all enhancements to the motion detection algorithm, but each very different in their implementation and use.

I’d be interested to hear whether anyone else would find such a feature useful?


Typicaly what Netatmo is doing: https://www.netatmo.com/en-us/security/cam-indoor @sipuncher