Fast forward preview for videos in timeline


A fast forward button for videos in the timeline would be great. You could go faster through a video and see if something important happened. When skipping there is the danger that you skip something important.

So you could check a 5 minute video (real time) in e.g. under a minute.

Sorry for my bad Englisch. Many greetings


Hi @timoo,

Thanks for your feedback!

If you are using Canary on an iOS device, you can scrub through the video to fast forward through it. Just drag the circular icon across the play bar to rapidly play through the video backwards and forwards.

If you rotate your iOS device so the video plays in landscape mode, you can also tap and hold anywhere on the right side of the screen to fast forward through it.

Does that sound like it fits what you’re looking for?


Hi @angie,

thank you for your quick response.
The second function was exactly what I was looking for!

Thx a lot,