[Feature Request] Auto Rotate to Landscape Mode


At the moment, if I have my iPad or iPhone in landscape mode (Like this: [+++] ) the majority of the app does not work in landscape mode. Although it will function, it is designed for portrait mode.

However, when I click “Watch Live” on a camera, the ability to change it to landscape is available. Unfortunately, at the moment if the app is in landscape mode BEFORE you click watch live, it will remain in portrait mode until the device is physically turned.

The suggestion is to have it adapt automatically and when Watch Live is clicked to have it automatically go into landscape mode if the device is turned sideways.

As a way to clarify this, here are the steps that produce the issue:

  1. Enter Canary App
  2. Navigate to a live camera
  3. Turn the device into landscape mode - note that the app does not switch to Landscape.
  4. Click Watch Live - note that the video is still positioned for portrait mode.
  5. Note that the only way for it to switch is to turn the iPad to portrait mode, then back to Landscape mode.