[Feature Request] Mode Settings for Away Mode and Privacy Mode


I have been trying to figure out ways to better set up my Canary devices, and I have come up with an idea that I think would be hugely helpful.

Under Settings>Modes there are detailed settings for each device that are very handy for personalization of different devices as are needed.

I would like to put forward the idea to add the same settings for each device to be added for “Privacy Mode” and for “Away Mode”

For me, this would be usable in the following ways:

  1. In away mode, I want notifications from only one of my three devices. However, at the moment that cannot be set up within the app, either I receive notifications for all, or for none. Having that additional setting would (in my case) allow the cameras that pick up the most action outside to not notify me, but my interior cameras to notify if there is movement (which would be when it is actionable for me).

  2. In privacy mode, I have a similar request, where I would like one camera to be enabled in privacy mode and not record, but I still would like one or two of the others running - but not notifying.

  3. In all of these modes, it would also be a huge help to have an “On” or “Off” switch for notifications from each device as already exists under the Record Video>“Send Motion Notifications”

  4. Furthermore, when HomeKit integration comes (or use with IFTTT) this would also allow motion to perhaps trigger actions of other items in a smart home (for example: If motion is detected in camera x >> Trigger Hue Lighting to Power on “Red” or something of that nature.

At the moment, all of these settings appear to be in the works or partially complete with the Night and Home Modes, but expanding them to the other modes as well would be very helpful.

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Hey Zev,

Great feedback, few questions.

This is super clear and something we’ve been thinking about.

Are you asking for the ability to set device specific behavior for when you enable the privacy toggle? How do you think about this differently then configuring Home mode to have one device not recording but the other two to be recording without sending notifications?



Hey Dave,

I guess this wouldn’t necessarily need to be different, but it could allow for two “home modes” in essence. One that turns on certain cameras and not others with certain notifications, while another may do something different.

It might be cleaner to be able to create one’s own modes (such as “Upstairs/Downstairs” “Office” etc.) But not sure what the difference in integration would be to make that happen there.


Got it. Thanks for the feedback.


I’m very curious about this, I am looking at switching my home to canary and trying to figure out some of the customization. For example, when I am not home, I want all devices to alert my phone and trigger the siren. Then I would want a completely disarmed mode for when I am home, and then still a third mode for sleeping, only certain devices are active and trigger the siren in sleep mode, however once it is triggered, all devices start recording to capture an incident that may actually be occurring. Sounds complicated, and I’m not sure the system is able to do this. This post is the most similar I can find to seek feedback on. Any help would be appreciated.


I would like this too: I have a camera in the cellar and would like to be notified (and recorded - thus, I don’t care to much), if I am at home!


Please just add back in the features you took away…I already paid through the nose for the devices, it would be great if they still did what was stated on the box.