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I have now just discovered that Canary has now taken away their 24 hours customer support phone center and we have to either text, email or online chat, which I have sent 2 emails for help and it says may it will take 1-3 days (WTF) and then I’m the online chat closes at 5:00 pm like a regular business, are they kidding me. When I signed up and PAID for all their products and membership I had phone service 24 hours and the membership wasn’t as expensive and it was totally different now it’s all gotten worse and no phone help at all.

I think that CANARY should be ashamed to have pulled a fast one on customers to drop a lot of the things they offered in the beginning and now taking them away 1 by 1.

I wish that I wouldn’t have paid all this money for all their products and get something else. NOT GOOD CANARY!

The least you can do is bring back phone support for at least the basic hours of 8-5 for customers.

Private mode at home - email from Canary today August 2nd 2017
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Private mode at home - email from Canary today August 2nd 2017
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Gotta love the fact that their email/FAQ explaining all the features they are removing doesn’t even mention the fact that phone support has disappeared. They probably don’t want to talk to angry customers and are now hiding behind chat/email.


Yes I would not be surprised if they removed my message but I’m ticked off Membership going up but services going down.


@ProcGirl @doubleak We keep the following article up to date on all of our support channel offerings. The removal of the phone support occurred over the summer and was unrelated to the recent feature and service announcement.

Removing phone support and reducing support hours was a tough decision for my team. We attempted to mitigate the impact in the short term by offering live chat where you can reach one of our customer advocates as quickly as you could over phones. While live chat may not be for everyone the majority of our customers actually do prefer chat to phone.

As mentioned in the article we are actively working on a new way to provide a more efficient and effective solution to our previous phone support offering to Canary Members. In the interim we did have to turn off our inbound phone lines to direct support for staffing and efficiency reasons. However if chat or email are unsuccessful our agents still have the option to schedule a personalized call with you.

If you ever have an issue with your Canary Support interaction feel free to let me know via direct message.


I can’t make a new topic, but here’s something else they’re taking away:

  • When disarmed (Home mode), video events will not be recorded. Since the majority of our users currently set Canary to private in Home mode, this change will not affect most people’s experience.

First off, I never set my Canary to private in home mode. That was a default that was changed, and somehow I missed the notification that was happening. That’s a bad justification.

More importantly, I work from home. I need my Canary devices to record in home mode, because I’m home for most of the day. I bought the cameras to monitor my property and protect me while clients and contractors come over to the house and work around expensive photography equipment. If Canary stops recording while it senses me “at home”, it will no longer be useful to me.

I don’t understand how this is okay. I bought a device based on an advertised 24/7 cloud recording feature, and now that’s gone. Do I get a partial refund?


Canary also will not allow me to create a new topic. So to piggy back off what bkbkbk posted above here is the post I attempted to make:

“When disarmed (Home mode), video events will not be recorded. Since the majority of our users currently set Canary to private in Home mode, this change will not affect most people’s experience.”

The entire reason I purchased this product was to get notifications and record activity at our front porch while home. We bought this because a member of the family is going through some severe medical issues and is unable to get around easily but lives in a bad neighborhood.
Now the specific features I bought this for will be hidden behind a paywall?

I’ve emailed Canary and tweeted at the CEO and received no response. Can someone explain this to me please?


Wait so you’re telling me that when I’m home like now nothing is being recorded?:open_mouth:. So if I’m home and someone breaks in and beat or kill me nothing will be recorded because I’m home? WTF this better not be true and I find it hard to believe that most people have their cameras set to privacy when they’re home. Things still happen when people are home and then what they have nothing g to show police? Even still I don’t care what everyone else sets their camera to when they are home I want mine to record.


Yes I agree my camera are always set to record so that if something happens to me at home I have recording who decided hhisnwas ok and I also don’t believe that most people have the camera on private when they are home.


I agree. Especially not on the flex which can be used outdoors. Why would I want my outdoor camera turned off ever?


They have to retract this decision. If not then offer full refunds.


Yes exactly, I hope this is seriously not the case and they need to STOP taking away things which is what made customer decide to go with Canary in the first place. It makes no sense to not record while you’re home as things clearly happen when people are home or away so if some folks want to cut their cameras to private when they are home then that’s their business but I want my cameras ALWAYS recording.


Yes I agree but they know we’ve paid all this money for their cameras and now they have us stuck because if we close our accounts and leave to go elsewhere then we’ve just wasted money as the product wont’ work anywhere for anyone else. I’m think that we need to ALL demand what we originally had when we signed up and some way get through to Canary CEO that this is wrong and beginning to be false advertising when they continue to keep taking things that we were promised away.


Matt I appreciate you responding but I was never offered a personalized call and had to deal with a bunch of emails as one issue got resolved (by me mostly messing around with the app) I had to figure it as it took sometime before I got email responses. But I hope Canary figure out that this no phone help is not working and email and chat isn’t really working either.



Procgirl I agree with your comments, I have not subscribed yet for membership, however I have sent numerous emails and chats including my number for a personal call , absolutely nothing. Canary say 1-3 days to reply, I small seriously considering to moving to another system as canary is having problems again with notifications twice in 2 days and problems with chats. I further agree that canary flex covers my car and driveway at night I will now looose this because I have not paid their ransom to become a paying member.


yes I don’t think the phone thing will ever happen unless you cause some serious issues on Twitter, on this community and others but at least now I’m getting faster email response, which I appreciate but I shouldn’t have to go through so much trouble complaining before I got faster response. Then they think that I’m going to be paying for text message fees back and forth with them texting me and I told them NO that I was’t wasting my text messages on Canary and paying even more fees and that I would not respond any more on my text dime.


Well one thing I will say for now that I am able to still get my recording even when I am home as one of the customer service reps explained that the missing gap in video that I was looking for was missing because they had an issue at that time period and that was why I was not able to see my home recording.

But they still have not answered my questions as to IF this feature will be going away?


I received an e mail saying the changes started with effect from 3 October 2017 (tomorrow), and will only get notifications when In away mode.


@ProcGirl @Walker Completely understand your frustration. We try to our best to resolve all customer issues over the support channels we provide (e.g. chat and email). Most customer issues are resolved with a quick chat or an subsequent followup email once the chat is concluded. While our agents do reserve the right to make a phone call we simply are not staffed to handle every day phone requests from all of our Canary customers so they will still suggest staying within our dedicated lines of support.

I have noted your feedback and will discuss with my team internally.

@Dubkin In regards to the feature and service changes mentioned in this thread I recommend reading the following FAQ. Recording and alerting in home and night modes after 10/3 will be restricted to Canary Members. You can still have a device set to Away mode to receive notifications and alerts that include Video Previews.


Our free plan still offers substantive features that our competitors’ have put behind paywalls; activity zones, customizable sensitivity settings for motion alerts, and video history aren’t available for free from some of the biggest names out there. There’s no one easy solution for any cloud-based products but I hope this helps provide some answers to your questions.


So are you saying we can ‘trick the system’ and set our devices to away when we are still at home?


Ok well I will ask again to see if they are going to start this, if so we really need to make an up-roar as this leaves us very vulnerable to not have security when we are home. So if someone breaks in then we’re just SOL? Ridiculous.