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I totally agree with the “bait and switch” sentiments expressed here. The changes that have been made since I purchased my Canary’s have only fueled my belief that is what is happening. I just purchased an annual membership which I am going to cancel and get my money back. Not only am I disgusted by the aforementioned “bait and switch” tactics I am also upset with the lack of customer support. This is a notice that appears on the website while I write this: “Canary chat and SMS has been temporarily disabled due to high volume in contacts. These mediums for support will resume Monday, October 16th at 8am EDT.” If that does speak of lousy customer service I don’t know what does. I anyone is still enamoured with this service and would like to purchase my two Canary devices let me know. I’ll let anyone have them for a very, reasonable price.


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I know this has probably been mentioned before, but I was wondering if Canary could make the two-way talk feature to be free. I understand that there are costs associated with operating, and running the systems to allow for a service like this to operate, which is totally reasonable - haha. I was kinda really bummed out to find that a feature like this however would’ve costed money. And if not - could Canary maybe look into allow us to send at least 30 second audio clips, at the very minimum for the free plan as a compromise?



Latest notice on the Canary Help web page:

Due to the impact of hurricane Ophelia, Canary chat and SMS will be temporarily unavailable. We will resume normal operations once weather conditions have returned to normal.

I didn’t realize that Canary’s customer support operations are based in Ireland. Stay safe…


I am also very disappointed with the changes that canary has made. My device will no longer record at night…!!!


I agree with everyone that is upset with the change in policy which affected the so called FREE offering. My decision on purchasing a Canary was based on what was being offered at the time, not what was going to be offered in the future. From what I am hearing is that the cost of Cloud storage for the paid and FREE service turned out to be not so cost effective. Well, Sorry, that is no fault by anyone that paid for a Canary based on the services provided at the time of purchase. Too bad, so sad that whomever at Canary that was responsible for capacity planning didn’t plan to well. No service provider should just pull customer services that a lot of folks based some decisions on. Enhancements yes, I can see having to pay for enhancements. Heck, all software/hardware is susceptible to change, it has and always will be that way. If change didn’t happen then we would all still be on DOS (if anyone remembers DOS). All I want to say is my Canary has been converted into a Crow and I am crowing.


I was using my Canary AIO for more than a year and I’ve been very happy with it. …so happy, I’ve bought two Canary Flex cams last month. After installing them I was informed about the “new free service plan”. I think I should trade the cameras back in, as I didn’t get, what I payed for. For me 24 hours (or even 8 hours) of recorded content (no, not that 10 second preview) is fine. Night mode and automatic mode switch where two of the main reasons to buy the devices. When I bought the cameras I was offered a free service, that was sufficient for me. I am not willing to pay 150 € per year for this. With 10 second preview, no night mode and no download the cams are absolutely useless for me.

…nothing to add…


Two way talk is also a standard feature and not “hidden” behind a paywall. An SD card will get you three days of recorded video. I started to put a few of these in my home when Canary kept having issues months ago. Promised two-way talk and then put it behind a paywall. Also, the Yi has a free desktop app so you can monitor from work. No membership fee to look at your home on a computer. Night mode is also standard as well.


I never got a email telling me of the changes and providing any promotion codes.


I haven’t seen any posts by Canary staff in the last two weeks, so I don’t know if they’re following this thread any longer. You might want to contact Canary support directly if you want to see if they’re still offering discount codes.


It’s unbelievable how you guys at Canary can just take away certain features of the camera without realizing what it does to your customers. My 3 year old son just fell down a set of stairs while walking with our nanny and my heart completely sank. Thank God he’s OK, but when I went to review the footage on the Canary to see what happened, there was absolutely nothing recorded. I’ve had my Canary for over 6 months now, and before, I was able to set it to home mode and record at the same time. But now I find that feature is only active with a paid membership! I mean how can you justify giving someone a basic feature and then take it away and make them have to pay a monthly subscription fee to get it back? That’s totally garbage and not what I signed up for when I bought this camera.


I have been with canary for over 2 years gave them $400 and change for 2 cameras and experienced alot of slow service issues and countless tech support chats that were hours apart…i have promoted your camera which isn’t cheap and now you change the free membership so dramatically it basically turns your expensive camera into a webcam. Please reconsider your actions i was planning to add 2 more cameras but now I can’t make that purchase.


I bought the Canary because two neighbours have been broken into during the night.

I used to have the night mode setup, but have only just noticed that night mode no longer works because you have moved it to membership only. Surely taking away features should grant me a refund on the device as it is no longer fit for purpose?

I am now speaking with Amazon to get it returned. I have endless issues with it.


Amazon have agreed that this camera is no longer fit for purpose. If you have bought one and would like to return it, simply speak to Amazon (or where ever else you have bought it from).


No reply from Canary?


Hi @JoeyJoe,

We carefully considered the changes to our free service based on the needs and preferences of our user base, while also addressing the costs to provide a free option.

24 hours of video storage are still included in Canary’s free service, something not available on many free offerings in our category. Should you wish to be alerted to movement at night, you can switch your Canary into Away mode at any time.

We do offer more features and benefits through our Membership service—including longer video clips, extended 30-day storage, desktop streaming, mode customizations, and more. (Full details can be found here: https://canary.is/membership/#membership-details). However, Membership remains completely optional.



But the product is not fit for purpose if you remove features that were included with it. Do you not see that? It’s like me selling someone a car, and then later telling them that the air conditioning is now a part of a subscription service. The air conditioning isn’t free, it’s included in the base price, just like Night Mode was. It wasn’t advertised as a “free” service.

Would you happily buy a subscription to keep a feature that was included in the beginning?

Anyone else who reads this, you can send it back for a full refund, Canary won’t tell you this.


This behavior is very disconcerting it breaks a brands trust – that you suddenly decided to tax consumers because you identified this was a way to generate additional income. This is the second such incident. You have already notified me that you are raising prices on the plans quite a bit! Are you in business to keep your customers? And build a relationship that brings more customers to your products and services through word of mouth? Or are you looking to lose customers by breaking on what you said you would deliver? The ethical thing to do here is pretty simple and always good business.


Get a refund, ASAP. You are well within your rights to do so. They’ve restricted the product right down, there are plenty of other options.


Hi all,

We’ve heard from many of you on the recent changes to our basic plan and want to let you know that we have been listening, and we have some news about upcoming developments to make the free plan even more valuable.

The changes include:

  • Extending video clips to 30 seconds (available now).
  • Reintroducing Night mode scheduling (coming early December 2017).
  • Simplified pricing for Canary Membership, which will become effective in the upcoming months. 5 devices per location, for just $9.99/month or $99/year. Additional devices (above 5) will be $4.99 per device or $49/year (or the same amounts in your respective currency).

Please refer to this blog post for a message from our CEO, Adam Sager with more details.

Again, thank you for all of your feedback. Please visit this new topic to continue the conversation about these updates.

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