"File Not Found" on Bookmarked Videos


I am interested in a response to this as well, however, my issue is a bit different. I did bookmark video and it is currently still in my timeline but when I try to view it I receive a message that says “file not found”. If the video is bookmarked and in my timeline, why can’t I view or download it?

Bulk delete events

@Jedi1, This is a known issue that I have personally filed a ticket for a few weeks back. The issue will resolve if you log out and back in. The phantom file will then successfully disappear. This appears to occur when a file was previously deleted (such as from another device, or unsuccessfully from your current device) but the cache has not been cleared.

Logging out and back in will resolve the mismatch.

*I have moved this from the previous topic to address this specific issue in case others have the same question.