Flex firmware update but no details

I don’t see any details about version 5 fro the flex.

I have been experiencing random loss connections on three flex cameras for the past two weeks. The units go off line randomly and rarely are two off at the same time. I am able to connect live when on line and as best I can tell even when app says they are off line I sometimes still get messages like battery status etc and seem to get video from motion trips. Tech support pushed V5.0.0 to all my unit and told me it should fix my issue so give it 48 hours and see if problem goes away. I have had cameras for more than two years with no serious connection issues until now. I changed router but frequency of loss connection remained about the same. Wifi strength is Medium or high just before loss and just after return of connectivity. All other wifi devises are 100% so I believe issue is not entirely my units or my connection to cloud.

After 24 hours all my flex units are working normally. The 5.0.0 upgrade must have resolved the issues I was having with loss connections.

I have 4 flexes that haven’t gone offline but for the recent outages from canary so I have been very fortunate

This camera posted isn’t part of my plan it’s just used as a pet watcher to make sure he is behaving

It doesn’t record or anything mainly live view…

Did you open a ticket to get the forced updates? Mine are still on 4.0.0

@ThisGuy03 You will need to contact Canary directly if you wish to have an update pushed to a particular device that hasn’t received it automatically.


All 5 of mine are still on 4.0

I believe 4.0.0 is the latest firmware. Should anyone need an update pushed to get you to the latest available, that needs to be requested with a ticket.