Flex In Battery Mode While Connected To AC Power


Hi @bellamag,

We appreciate your and others feedback and are taking it quite seriously. I think Sean’s previous response addresses your concerns - we have acknowledged that the problem exists and are committing resources to release a fix as soon as possible.

We’ll be sure to post an update here as the fix becomes available. We appreciate your patience.



Dave thank you for your direct reply to me. I didn’t read Sean’s post as addressing my directly stated concerns. While I did see he explained the limitations of the current design, his response did not give a sense of the priority that Canary would give to delivering a solution to the problem.

I also do not feel it addressed the fact that I had been in touch with Canary support several times about the issues I was experiencing, the lack of follow through from support or the fact that I only got clarity about the real issues occurring by reading a post from another consumer posted here.

I know it may be difficult to hear but in all honesty my patience with your company is running short and that is your companies issue based on it’s behavior from my perspective. I have been someone who has recommended your product (the all in one) to several friends that have made purchases based on my recommendation. I have had nothing but problems with the three flex’s I have purchased at nearly $600 since November for the specific purpose of protecting my property this winter.

It would give me and possibly others more confidence if there was some more definitive commitment to a timeline and dedication of necessary resources for getting a solution to this issue.


Glad to know, I am not the only one having this issue. Thanks Canary team for the response.We will wait for updates .


Any updates on this issue? It’s been a while.

Not only is this inconvenient I now know that it is impacting my systems security of my property.

I had an oil delivery couple days ago while away. Nothing picked up by canary flex which was in range to detect. When I went to live view on that camera it woke up slowly from battery mode,all the while it was plugged in.

You continue to falsely advertise the functionality of these devices. Now I have confirmation that it is not adequately protecting my property.

Please provide an update on the status of your promised resolve for this issue.

Until this is addressed I would strongly recommend folks to think before purchasing as it will miss events due to this limitation of functionality.


@bellamag Canary Flex firmware 3.0.0 contains a fix for this issue. That firmware version is currently in the process of rolling out to our user base.


Andy thank you for the prompt reply.

Can you provide more information about how this fix works?


Hi @bellamag,

As @Sean described above, when the Canary Flex is plugged in but at a temperature that is too low to charge the battery, it will just rely on the power from the AC adapter and will no longer transition to low-power operating mode.



Great thanks for the update


Good morning . I checked in on my flexs last night and this morning. All have now updated to latest firmware. Several times now the battery image appears blank (no battery percentage or exclamation point) and the devices open slowly with message the are waking from battery mode. All devices are connected to AC power. Shortly later they will show battery at 100% after opening and closing view on device.
Should they be exhibiting this behavior?


Hi @bellamag,

The most direct way to tell if your device is operating in low-power mode is to place it in a dark area (while plugged in) with recording turned on and observe if the red infrared LED remains on (standard operating mode) or is only triggered on by motion before shutting off (low-power mode).

With the 3.0.0 firmware, the device should stay in standard operating mode even if the temperature becomes too cold to charge the battery (provided the battery is full).


Andy First I am away traveling so can’t check as you suggest.

Second not sure why unit should be in low power mode at all. All the devices are plugged into AC power all the time.

Tonight checking them in live view. 2 flexs show 100 % power third had blank battery image and when I go to live view it says waking up from battery mode. Makes no sense if it’s plugged in full time.

Please advise.


Hi Andy
Checked in on flexs again this morning. Upon opening in live view each device had blank battery image and had message that they were waking from battery mode which took a few minutes.

After closing app and reopening live view each flex showed 100% battery.

This continues to be disconcerting that these issues seem to be continuing. Can I get some direction on resolving this? Thank you.


Hi @bellamag - I’ve replied directly via DM. Thanks.


Hi. I have same problem BUT it is not related to low temperatures, which seems to be the common cause for other posters in this thread. I have seven cameras, and I often have problems charging them. When I connect them to the power cord, they seem to charge for a brief moment (because they come back online if they were dead) but they don’t actually charge… verified both on the app and on the light display. So they die again even though plugged in. I disconnect it, wait a while, then repeat and the same thing happen. Sometimes after several attempts, level one and level two reset procedures, and just tinkering around, they start charging. Sometimes they don’t, and I’ve sent two back already for replacement. I checked and verified the chargers are working, I flip the connector around, clean the contact points, etc. Any suggestions? I like the cameras and the app but this is very frustrating, not to mention expensive. Thanks.


While it is not charging, could it not use the charging supply voltage to run the camera?



That is indeed how the Flex operates. If it is plugged in and fully charged it will just use power off of the cable to operate.


Thank you, well, what is the problem then ? I surmised this, because the Flex stays at 99%. I see it charging even when the temp is 14 degrees. Is that a problem? Maybe the power supply’s current generates a little heat?


Why is it waking up from battery mode then, when I click on ‘watch life’?


Watch live will wake the device up as it is asking for a direct live feed from the camera, requiring the camera to be woken from the other mode.