Flex live stream


My two flex cameras take 10-15 seconds to pull up live video while my all in one camera will pull up almost instantly. It seems like this causes the recording from the flex to also start late into the incident. Is there any way to correct this? The wifi connection is strong around all cameras so that isn’t the issue.


Hey @apowers1628,

Do you have your Canary Flex units plugged in, or are they running off of battery? When used on battery, it will take a bit longer for Watch Live to bring up a picture and you may notice the first couple of seconds of motion is cut off as you’ve observed.

When your Canary Flex is unplugged, it will go to “sleep,” entering a very low power usage mode to preserve the battery. The Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor on the front will continue looking for motion. When motion is detected, or you manually pull up Watch Live, the Canary Flex will wake up and start recording, then when network connection is re-established will upload the video. This wake up time is what causes the slower loading and leads to the start of motion being cut off.

I hope that clarifies things! When used plugged in, you shouldn’t see any difference between the way Canary Flex records motion or Watch Live delay as compared to your Canary All-in-One unit. Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


I have about the same issue. My internet is 75-80 MB download speed, and the camera in position with great signal. Inside my home when only the camera and my phone are using the network (with the camera plugged in), it can take my camera about 5 or so seconds at times to fully bring up the live feed. The issue I have more than that is that there is consistently a 7-8 second delay on true live viewing, even when I am viewing the camera live on while on the same network with my phone.


Hi, just got a new Canary flex and I see a 8-10 seconds of delay in the live feed. Currently the unit is next to my router and I am trying to see myself live and the delay is there.

I tried with both 5g and normal network, with 100MBPS upload and download speed using Verizon FIOS fiber. I think this should be good enough for the device to provide a no delay feed.

I also have a piper unit at home and it just works flawlessly providing 0-1sec live feed delay. I hope you guys can resolve this issue.