Flex, Low temperature poor or no performance - heater?


A feature request I would like to see added as an accessory is a small heater that could be attached to the Flex and plugged into A.C. power to keep the Flex from getting too cold to function.

This is the second winter for my Flex camera that is plugged into A.C. power and mounted outside in Wisconsin (USA). Whenever our outdoor temperatures drop below approx. 5 degrees F, my Flex goes off line and randomly goes on and off battery power. As soon as the weather warms up a bit it comes back on line and seems to work normally until the next cold snap. For a security device that is designed to be used outdoors, it seems that the working temperature range of the Flex is a bit limited. A small strip heater might help keep the Flex functioning in extreme cold.

Last night the temperature dropped to -8F and the Flex was off line all night. It warmed up a bit today to +8F and it came back on line. Tonight it is forecast to drop to -10F and I know the Flex will drop off line again for the night and will not function.


Thanks for your post. Interesting I have been just become aware of this same issue due to another recent posting here.

My flexs have been demonstrating battery charging issues for weeks that I didn’t understand. That all changed with recent users post here.

How do they advertise this for outdoor use when the battery doesn’t charge below 32? 32 is a regular temp in the winter where I live. Serious flaw that the company never was transparent about.


Low temperature non-performance seems to be a problem with some consumer electronics. I also have a Ring video door bell that I’ve had for three years and it does the same thing every winter when the temperature drops below approx. 10 deg. F. My door bell camera has been dead for a week since the cold snap started even though it’s connected to power through the door bell circuit. I thought lithium ion batteries were better in the cold than nicad or nickel metal hydrides.


I too am from the north-east so I understand the issues. Last winter I used my Flex in the cold, however I didn’t personally have any issues. That said, as described on the Technical Specifications for Canary (seen here: ) the normal operating temperatures are:

-4° to 113° F (deviations permitted to 122° F)
-20° to 45° C (deviations permitted to 50° C)

Unfortunately, as one can imagine performance with any electronic (especially that relies on a battery) will degrade in cold temperatures. As a result any electronic device will suffer especially from frigid temperatures.


Hello all,

I just provided some additional information on this issue on a separate thread that can be found here.


So, it’s a year later and I’m still having these issues with my Flex which is on firmware version 4.0. Ironically even though you know there is an issue here you’re still selling these for out door use even though they are clearly unsuitable. What is your plan to resolve this - replacement? refund?