Flex motion sensitivity


I recently installed my flex to monitor the front of my house. I’m getting several 8-10 min plus recordings of bushes and trees blowing in light wind and cars going down our street especially at night in infared. I have the sensitivity level at the lowest. Also, I’m getting activity noted on the timeline, but not as a notification banner alert on my smartphone. I have notifications turned on in my phone settings. Any suggestions? I’ve only had it installed for three days so far.


Hey @Randy!

The recording of the ‘natural’ movement outside may be helped by changing your sensitivity settings in the app. Take a look at this help article for more information on how to do that.

As for the notifications, that’s a bit weird. A few things to check:

  • If your canary is in Night Mode or Home Mode it may not be set up to send your device notifications. You can check and confirm whether that is set up using the edit button when you tape the mode icon in the bottom left. For more information about that, take a look here
  • If that is set up correctly, double check that your phone’s notifications are set up. Are you on an iPhone or an Android device?

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions, let me know!


Thank you for your response. I have solved the notification issue by adjusting the sensitivity levels on my devices. I’ve determined I need to aim my flex differently to cut down on picking up cars coming down our street. However even on lowest sensitivity it’s still recording wind blowing bushes and bugs flying close to lens at night

Randy Brienen



Hey @Randy, glad to hear that worked. It will likely still pick up stronger wind and bugs, but the sensitivity change should still help!


@Randy To add to what @Zev said, we’re continuing to investigate ways to filter out motion even further, so stay tuned!