Flex night vision


The range of the night vision is very poor, I can only see about 10 feet out. My two all in one units can see across my whole house, thoughts?

Night vision very poor

Hi @Smbeal,

Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the Canary Flex’s night vision. Would you mind including a couple of screenshots from Watch Live showing what your Canary Flex sees during daylight and in night vision? I’m also curious if you are using the Canary Flex indoors or outdoors, and if it’s normally plugged in or not.


Hi @Angie,
I am using it outside and it is plugged in. The quality during the day is good, clear picture and audio but at night it is very limited visual, after seeing the distance and the quality of the night vision on my all in one unit I am disappointed with this one.


If you wouldn’t mind sharing a screenshot of Watch Live from your Canary Flex while it’s in night vision, that would help me determine if there’s some kind of technical issue or if area is too large for the infrared light to illuminate. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a screenshot here, you can also submit a ticket to our support team so you can share it privately.


I can sent a screen shot tonight but I will imagine that the area is to large for the infrared to illuminate since it is outside.


Same issue here. Night vision very poor, no range at all. Can’t even see any reflections in my car bodywork, about 6 feet away.


Here are some screen shots, evening and night.



Sorry, one picture won’t load. Here it is (evening).


I have the Canary ‘All in One’ and the night vision is excellent. But the flex has poor night vision - I can only presume you are using a much dimmer infrared light due to battery power. Will this be looked at? Fixed?


Hi @MikeP-1958,

The Canary Flex’s night vision is able to illuminate a limited area. If you are using it to monitor a large outdoor area like shown in your screenshot, the image may not be very bright. For larger areas like this we’d suggest using a flood light or external infrared illuminator to provide a brighter image.

You can find more information on our Help Center:

How far is the range of coverage in night vision?

Let us know if you have any questions about this!