Flex's will not go into live view on regular basis


I have the All In One and two Flex cameras. At times neither of the Flex’s will go into live view. Both show to have good WIFI signal. Both are plugged into power and fully charged batteries. I have a fast WIFI system. My All In One will work in live view but is slow, 15 seconds or so to get to live view. All three units are connected to the same WIFI system.
If the Flex’s do go to live view, they are slow, sometimes a minute to see live view. I need a system that responds when I need it or want it to.

I also have a Ring Doorbell hooked to the same WIFI. It works wonderful and is almost instant when I go to live view.


Hey @Sam sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your devices.

If you haven’t yet, I’d take a look at the FAQs below, it may help you flesh out some of your issues. In the event it doesn’t, I’d suggest that you Submit A Ticket to Canary to look at your device and account directly.