Gaps in recordings


I’ve had a canary camera for a couple of weeks now and one thing that has me somewhat baffled is the gaps that appear in recordings. Some recordings are fine, but others have many small gaps in them, as the attached image shows (the gaps are the small black bars in the timeline). My first thought was that there was just a period without motion in the middle of a longer video, but in some videos, my cat would appear, then there would be a gap in the video and the cat would be gone, which surely the camera would have caught?

The other thing I’m bothered by are the Canary site/system outages. The web site characterized them as minor, but there have been many in the few weeks I’ve had my camera, and minor or not, they’ve prevented me from accessing my camera, I don’t check my camera all the time, so I have to wonder how often there are Canary “minor” issues that I don’t run into.



@jeffkusnitz Your initial thought was correct. The gaps are the result of not enough motion being detected by the device. It is very possible that the cat stopped moving, thus creating the gap in time, then once the cats motion became substantial again the device started recording.

Our CV processes computer vision with algorithms based on certain criteria and for whatever reason it did not determine this motion to be substantial enough to process. Missed motion could be due to a variety of things such as shadows, uneven light or far away movement. We currently recommend the device be placed within 20 feet of its intended target. Do you happen to notice a difference in detection between night vision being activated or not with your pet?

The recent Amazon outage was discussed in a separate thread where we addressed the mention of the outage being initially classified as ‘minor.’ You can see that thread here and as always for information related to Canary service status please check out our status page here:


Hi Matt,

In a recent captured clip (night vision as that might be relevant), there was a 7 or 8 minute gap (yes, you read that right). There was motion that was captured (cats inside a few feet from the camera, car headlights outside) then there was a gap and the displayed timeline jumped 7 or 8 minutes and the cats were no longer in the picture/same place (and there was a set of car headlights in the window).

I guess my initial question would be simply - how is it possible these motion events ended up in the same video clip given they are 8 minutes apart (and certainly motion happened during the gap because the cats were repositioned).

Here’s a link to the video, though without a displayed timeline it’s not really obvious that there is a significant gap, though you can see the cats disappear/reappear elsewhere.




I have the same issue with my canary flex it starts recording when the garbage truck comes to pickup the trash then it has a 6-7 minute gap and it shows the garbage truck leaving but doesn’t capture when he is putting it in the back of the truck. Is this normal functionality?


This is difficult to say without being able to see the video, but it could be due to the distance of the truck from the camera. I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team so they can look more specifically into your account and device placement and make some suggestions on how to improve detection.


I already have a ticket submitted for this issue, thanks for your response…


Here’s one for you. I have the same issue. Many gaps in my recordings when there is most definitely action in the near vicinity of the camera. I constantly get notifications about a person in my home. What is framed in the notification image? My dog. Sometimes she’s in motion, sometimes she’s just lying there chewing her bone.

Well today at lunch, I walked to the kitchen to get a drink, and she climbed up on our dining room table and ate my sandwich. And where does the gap fall? Exactly one minute is missing which is exactly how long it took for her to do this!

How does this stupid camera decide when nothing is “happening” with the camera? Honestly, these gaps are random and unexplained. They ALWAYS occur at a time when there is PLENTY of action in the near vicinity of the camera.