Getting to home screen


I just bought my canary flex
I followed set up instructions but now I can’t seem to find or get on home screen to manage it
Any tips thanks


Hey @Shyden,

What are you ;seeing? The home screen is going to be the first part of the app that opens on your device.

What device are you using?


I phone 7. what first comes up is select device screen, thenlocation, plug in thenactivate which appears to still be working on it. from here i can get to support communityl thats it. do i need to download additional app? i have submitted ticket and plans to return to store. i set it up via wi fi but talk of orange cord? ive not seen this in instructions so could that be problem. ive gotten jibberish text mssgs that im thinking is feedback but never a home page or dashboard to manage. thank you for your reply!!


too much info huh? lol, i will continue to work for it. had dashboard info once. just feedback. i need video, bad!


It sounds like you haven’t actually set up your Canary Flex yet, and the info about the colored cord comes from a different Canary Device.

I would suggest you start from the top and re-set the device up. Make sure you are selecting the right device when you set it up.

If this isn’t solving your issue, can you please take a screenshot so we can see where you’re getting stuck?


I have done everything instructed but have yet to see a video stream! Can’t even find screen to see it. What am I missing???


I am not showing that your Canary Flex has completed installation, so you won’t be able to access the video until you finish installing it.