Google Home integration


I would like to see Canary integrate with Google Home as is the case with the Nest family of products. Having just finished watching the Google New Products live streaming production, I had not previously been aware that the Nest camera and doorbell will pair with Google Home and your Chromecast to display the video when requested on your television. I have already invested in 4 Canary products or I might have gone with Nest. Would love to have this integration capability with Canary.

Product Roadmap

Hey there, good news: we have an integration with Google Home coming soon—keep your eyes peeled for an update from our product team.


i think it would be better when AiO and Flex users can use it`s own NAS/ Server !!!


I’ll give you a vote.

I over heard my girlfriend getting my a Google home for Xmas. So this would be a delightful feature.