Higher bitrate downloads


It would be great if the bitrate that video was recorded at was higher. The recording uses vbr to minimise bandwidth usage for static video, but it doesn’t peak high enough for fast moving video.

I was burgled 9 months ago which canary caught on camera and despite being a shocking experience I was relieved to have seen it on my phone before getting home. The video captured the individuals but because they were moving quickly it was quite pixelated for stills and the police could only identify one of the three faces.

Given the high bandwidth internet connections many people have these days, having canary do an occasional upload speed test and then set the peak bitrate as appropriate would be sensible.


I like the idea, though it may hurt overall WiFi performance for users with more than one Canary device or a lot of pull for other devices.

[EDIT] I say this as the footage is being uploaded for it to be downloaded at a higher bitrate, it would need to be uploaded at that bitrate as well.

This also sounds like it would go hand in hand with this topic:


Canary at the moment records 30fps @ 720p with an average vbr of 420kbps.
That’s a low bitrate for 720p video. The average upload speed in the UK is
3Mbps so there is sufficient headroom there based upon:

  • Canary is most typically used when people aren’t home and therefore
    aren’t using their internet to contend with
  • I would hazard a guess that people with Canary are more likely to have
    faster broadband connections
  • For people with multiple cameras, given its vbr its unlikely that all
    cameras will be capturing motion at the same time so won’t all peak on
    upload bandwidth

I think we’re asking for two things:

  • A higher bitrate for recorded video that adapts to the user’s broadband
  • A dynamic bitrate for watching recorded video that adapts to the
    bandwidth of the connection, like with YouTube, iPlayer etc.