Home icon not displaying properly


The home icon is on for the member that is not on the premises and is not displayed for the member that is home.


Hi @Rodsweeney,

This can happen when multiple people are signing in using the same email login. Can you please make sure that you and the other Member are logged into the app using your own distinct email addresses? To check this, you can open the app, swipe down and tap “My profile”. The email you’re logged in with will be listed here.


That is the case. I deleted the member from my phone and then added back with the different email address. An Invite was sent to the member. Is there anything I need to do or will the Invite prompt them to complete set up. I did not see a place for their phone number.



They will receive an invitation to their email, and if they haven’t already setup an account with that email address it will walk them through creating an account and entering their mobile number. Once this is completed make sure they log out of the app and sign back in using the correct email.