Hooking up a second and later a third Canary


I have the standard/indoor canary set up in my living room. I’ll be installing a Canary Flex this weekend overlooking my back patio and yard. In the near future I’ll be installing another Canary Flex at my front door.
My question is, in the App, do I set the new device/s up as a new location or do I add them to the current location that my original Canary is set up to?


@Sam If you’re setting up additional devices in the same home, you should add them to your existing location. Aside from making device management much easier, creating multiple locations with the same geographic location can interfere with automatic mode switching, as you can only be recognized as being in one Canary location at a time.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Pete. That’s what I was thinking but wanted to make sure before I set the second device up.


Glad I could help, Sam!

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So it looks like I can only set up 4 devices with a monthly subscription? If I get the monthly subscription how many canary’s can I have?


You are correct. If you are enrolled in the included free plan, the 24-hour video history is shared by up to 4 devices, which is the maximum for a location on a free plan. If you are enrolled in Canary Membership, there is no limit to the amount of devices you can have in a single location.