Horrible Battery Life on Flex


When I first started using it, 3-4 weeks ago, batter life was about a week. That was acceptable enough. Now it’s a day. I fully charged it yesterday and put it back outside last night. 12 hours later it’s at half. I’ve completely restarted it (and then charged it, which is was kind of warm, seemed too warm to me). I’ve got it set on Short Range. It’s grabbing wifi signat from an extender very close by to it.

This can’t be right. I’m worried it’s defective. Help?

Fuzzy Picture - Flex

Hi @AverageJoeMN,

That certainly isn’t normal! Certain network configurations can sometimes cause the battery to drain faster than normal. I’d recommend opening a ticket with our support team including the make and model of the modem, router, and Wi-Fi extender you’re using with your Canary Flex so they can investigate this.


I took a flashlight to it, looks like there’s some humidity over the lens.


Camera’s charged and has been working well. Suddenly the daytime image is fuzzy. This is the Flex. Plenty of charge, good connection. I’ve rebooted, same problem. Any ideas?


Hey @AverageJoeMN,

Would you mind sharing a screenshot or picture of what your camera is seeing?

EDIT: I saw you said in this topic that there was moisture on your lens, so I merged the topics. Perhaps this is the issue you are having. As @Angie previously suggested your best bet would be to submit a ticket with screenshots of what is happening and a picture of the lens.