How can I get notifications from both my own cameras and my nephews cameras?


I am a member of a Canary account owned and set up by my nephew who has a paid membership. I used to get notifications from that camera.

Then I bought and set up two Canary cameras and began my own paid membership. Now I get notifications from my cameras but no longer get notifications from the one owned by my nephew.

How can I get notifications from both my own cameras and my nephews cameras?


Hi @bikerval,

I suspect this is due to you using two different accounts (email addresses). You want to make sure that the account which was invited to your nephew’s location is the same as the one you are using for your own location. Then when logged in to the app you will have access and receive notifications for both locations.

You could ask your nephew you send a new member invite to the email address that you are currently using to log into the app. Then once, accepted, he can remove your other account from his location.

Hope that helps.



I used the same email address for both.
We are both watching over the family cabin but I don’t want him to be able to watch my house.

(ps Quick reply! Thanks!!!)


Could you please DM me the email address that you are using and I will look into this further?



What does DM mean? and how do I do it?


Sorry, it means “direct message”. I’ll send one to you to get us started and we can take this offline.


There may be a disconnect between your target audience and the style of documentation you provide.

The cameras are depicted as being so easy to set up and use via a simple app… plug and play with no wires, no hubs, no complex setting up, no network configuration, etc. That simplicity is what sets you apart from the others. It is also what appeals to people like me who use their cell phone for calls, texts, and solitaire… maybe Facebook.

The documentation on how to use your product, however, is not intuitive at all for non-savvy folks lured in by the proclaimed simplicity of using your product. Links to the User Guides should be on a main page. That documentation should detail the camera and app usage in a way that does not assume the person is a savvy user. If you can make it easy for THAT audience to use your cameras then you’ve hit the bullseye.

Sell it as: Unlike those OTHER camera providers, even Grandma can use Canary!.. then provide and app and documentation that makes that true. You are almost perfect in that regard. The documentation needs to be fleshed out for folks like me.