How does the secure mount work?


Hi all,

I am planning to use my flex to look down on my front porch. I want to use the secure mount to protect my camera from theft.

Could someone explain how the secure mount works? Does it screw into the wall/ceiling? And also, will I have the same range of motion of my flex as the flex without the secure mount?



The Secure Mount has a base plate which will screw directly into the mounting surface. The mount is then secured to this base plate with a securing screw. The Canary Flex itself then screws into the cup of the Secure Mount.

The cup the Canary Flex sits in is on a ball joint which can rotate 360 degrees, so you will have a great amount of flexibility still. Here’s an example image from our website of the Canary Flex used with a Secure Mount.

Hope that helps!


This image might also help…


The only thing I don’t like about this mount is that you are unable to use the power button with it attached. Second, if want use the power button you have to remove the fixed mount to use it which in turn now moves your fixed position and you will have to readjust the viewing position everytime.