How is the company doing (Canary)?


I’ve just installed my first camera (Flex) device and so far I’m extremely happy. I wish for a image rotate feature as it is mounted upside down, but this isn’t a deal breaker.

I’ve seen a few posts that the Canary Plus is coming and some software updates are coming…these preliminary announcements either happened earlier in the year (January) and the Plus “Coming Soon” announcement was almost, if not, a year ago. How is the company doing? I don’t want to further adopt a product line that is in trouble.



@justinloving Glad to hear you’re happy with Flex! And thanks for your feedback on image rotation. If you haven’t already, please head on over to this thread to cast your vote for that feature request.

While I don’t have specific updates on Canary Plus or our greater roadmap, we are really excited for the road ahead: A recent update saw the launch of three of our most popular user submitted feature requests; we’re continuing to donate devices to first responders through our Protect the Protectors partnership with State Farm; and we’re evaluating new integrations that would enhance the Canary experience by broadening our ecosystem.

Hope that helps answer your question!


Thanks for the response. I know you probably can’t say much…I’m not getting a ton of confidence from that answer haha. I’ll just wait and see how things go.


Wow given your recent change in what is free vs what is paid…and not grandfathering those who bought previous to this plan change. I am increasingly worried about the companies stability and loyalty to their own advertising and customer base.


I share your concern. Moving previously free basic features behind a relatively expensive paywall - overnight, with no notice - seems to be a move of some desperation. I had been ready to pull the trigger on three flex units for front, back and garage of another property but can’t see the wisdom on doing that now.


Thanks for the feedback. I’m very sorry to hear that you’re disappointed with our recent service changes.
Please know that we did email our users about the upcoming change in service ahead of time; I’m sorry that you missed it.

We carefully considered the changes to our service based on the needs and preferences of our user base, while also addressing the costs to provide a free option. Our free service plan continues to be highly competitive and maintains video recording, a feature not available on many free offerings in our category. We carefully considered the changes to our free service based on the needs and preferences of our user base, while also addressing the costs to provide a free option.

We do offer more features and benefits through our Membership service—including longer video clips, extended 30-day storage, desktop streaming, mode customizations, and more. (Full details can be found here: Membership is completely optional.


What you guys continue to fail to understand…People bought the Canary based on what they could get as a free service. You took that away which makes the device a paper weight. Had you grandfathered them in…no problem would have occurred. I would greatly appreciate my $99 back for paying upfront and only getting a months use out of it. I was not in the free service camp, but your actions have removed my trust in the company. If I had paid month to month this wouldn’t be a problem but I had faith in the company and so I spent the year in advance. I shouldn’t be punished for that.


The product is effectively useless without a membership now. There is nothing about this move that is customer-centric.


To top it all I just received a email from the canary support team regarding issues I had with canary “4 weeks “ after I requested assistance, just proves either further that the email / ticket system is not working, since canary decided to remove the telephone call system when you could actually talk to someone who would assist you, but 4 weeks come on ??